Precision Underwriting

Over the years, MRM has developed a number of resources proven to be both economical and efficient. Personalized proposals are in demand and our underwriters have the knowledge and ability to customize a Stop Loss program to fit your clients’ needs.

Our extensive network evaluations allow our clients to profitably write stop loss over their competitors networks. This “one-stop-shopping” approach of combining the employers risk pool is more convenient for the employer and for the broker.

While we purchase the major stop loss pricing manuals available today as a resource, our own exclusive method of pricing Specific and Aggregate Stop Loss has a lucrative history that speaks for itself.

Our partners can count on reliable direct contact with our underwriting team; an essential element that promotes the growth of solid, long-lasting relationships. We pride ourselves on rapid turnaround, quality products, and personalized service. Let our team of experienced underwriters work with you to provide your clients with protection against excessive medical claims.

    Large and Small Employer Group needs are satisfied by offering the following comprehensive Stop Loss features:
  • Advanced Funding on Specific Coverage
  • Monthly Aggregate Accommodation
  • Aggregating Specific
  • Extended Aggregate and Specific Products
  • 20% and 25% Aggregate Corridors
  • No "Lasering" at Renewal
  • Diverse Contracts Providing Run-in and Run-out Protection
  • Availability of Specific Lifetime Maximums that exceed $1,000,000
  • Full Waiver of Activity-at-Work Provision (Subject to Disclosure Statement)
  • Significantly Reduced Premiums for Plans with Managed Care (PPO, EPO, HMO)
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